Expressing the beauty of the natural world

Through the Art of Glass

Whether it be large scale indoor mosaic installations, outdoor garden art, or personal adornment
Janie believes that the exquisite colors and movement of nature have a place to warm our home and adorn our bodies.

Art & Beauty

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Bring the beauty of nature into your home. Work with Janie to create a one-of-a-kind piece.

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Intro to Glass Fusing

Sign up for a private workshop with Janie and learn basic fusing, or more advanced techniques including slumping, kiln carving, and layered firings.


Welcome to Janie Yakovlevitch Designs

I am internally driven to create, and recreate, nests. Be they indoors or out, glass allows me to replicate these areas of comfort and beauty, influenced by Nature's endless palette.

Mosaic Arts

I love creating warm, inviting spaces indoors, that reflect the grace and soothing beauty of Nature.  I am especially fond of transforming a functional piece, such as a backsplash,  into a functional piece of art.  Whether it be a table, a light fixture, a wall decoration, or backsplash, I see potential for bringing a bit of Nature’s wonders of color, movement, and play, indoors.


Fusing plays on my knowledge of flame working, providing a natural segway, based on my understanding of the way the metals in the glass affect color and reaction, and the behavior of molten glass, allowing me to predict an outcome. The fusing provides an opportunity to create larger pieces for the home, or to serve as inclusions in my mosaics.

Community Projects

Healing through the art of glass

Giving back to the community is a core mission at Janie Yakovlevitch Designs. View some of the community projects to which she has contributed.